When to Call 911

Call 911 only when:
- It's urgent and important: a crime may be in progress and police help is needed right away.
- Someone's health or safety is at risk.

Less Urgent Calls to the Police

If you don't need to call 911 but need to call the police to give them information of a less urgent nature, call Toronto Police Services at:


and ask to be transferred to your local Toronto Police Services Division Office.





What is it?

Vertical Neighbourhood Watch (or "Vertical Watch") is simple: keep your eyes open around your aprtment or condo building and, if you see anything suspicious - people, vehicles or activities - call the Police by dialling 911.

It's as simple as that.

Getting Started

- Meet or contact your neighbours.

- Exchange contact information (phone numbers, email addresses, create a private Facebook page for neighbours on your floor and join our Neighbourhood Watch TO Facebook group).

- Start watching out for one another!


-Let each other know when your routine is changing (holidays when you're away, workmen's scheduled visits, guests staying with you) so you (and they) can spot the unusual.

-Share news about break-ins, thefts and other crimes in your area and share crime prevention tips by following links on our Resources Page.