Our board

Don Cameron, President

After many years of involvement with Neighbourhood Watch in Central Etobicoke, Don joined our Board in 2005 and is driving our efforts to "go digital".

Bill Lytle, Sec./Treasurer

Bill Lytle is a past President of CPAT and has spent many years being active with "ABCs of Fraud", a group providing fraud prevention educational programs to seniors and others.

Patricia Moore, Director

Pat Moore brings to our Board her great experience in community matters in Thorncliffe Park.

Contact us at Info@CrimePreventionTO.org



Our history

CPAT was founded in 1982 as North York Neighbourhood Watch and was incorporated in 1987.  In 1990, its name was changed to Crime Concern due to the expansion of de mands for service and the need for programs to cover all crime prevention concerns impacting communities across Toronto. In November 2005, Crime Concern changed its name once again to the Crime Prevention Association of Toronto (CPAT). This name provides the community with a clear understanding of the purpose and scope of the organization and its activities.

In 2014, the City of Toronto ceased funding CPAT and we went virtual, providing online assistance and encouragement to Neighbourhood Watch and Vertical Watch groups across Toronto. 

About our Founder

In 1982, Carol Johnson noticed a drop in attendance in her fitness class as fear grew due to an increase in criminal activity in the neighourhood. It was at this time that Carol decided to do something to help reduce crime in the city and founded this organization. For 20 years, Carol was instrumental in introducing crime prevention programs to neighbourhoods throughout Toronto and was recognized for her expertise in countries like Hong Kong, Australia, Sweden, the United States and the United Kingdom.

In 1984 Carol received the Provincial Solicitor General’s Award and the Federal Solicitor General’s Award in 1986. She was elected as the Canadian Director of the International Society of Crime Prevention Practitioners in 1995 after completing her Crime Prevention Specialist certificate two years prior. In the same year, Carol also went on to receive the Woman on the Move Award while Crime Concern received the International Society of Crime Prevention Practitioners award. Carol’s husband Harry was a dedicated volunteer for over 9 years with the organization. 

Carol retired from the organization in 2002 after a long career in crime prevention; however, she remains very active in the field. Carol is truly an example that one person can make a positive impact in the community!

WhAT's Next

In 2018 we plan to:
  • set up new Neighbourhood Watch groups across Toronto
  • build a directory and network of existing NW Groups
  • build a "map" of neighbourhoods with NW Groups
  • build our Facebook pages to communciate better
  • add infomation resources to our website