The Crime Prevention Association of Toronto, CPAT, is a community-based non-profit crime prevention organization that coordinates Neighbourhood Watch and Vertical Watch groups across Toronto.  

We assist and empower neighbourhoods, businesses, and individuals to take action to reduce crime.

We Mobilize, Educate and Support communities to prevent crime.

What We Do

CPAT prevents crime through education and the sharing of resources and expertise.

CPAT has coordinated Neighbourhood Watch and Vertical Watch groups across Toronto since 2005 and, before that, across North York since the 1980s. CPAT has provided a variey of public education programs to the full spectrum of Toronto communities including, in particular, seniors, youth and businesses.

CPAT provides:
  • coaching on how to start and maintain NeIghbourhood Watch and Vertical Watch groups;
  • educational programming and resources on crime prevention steps that can be taken by all segments of the community;
  • guidance on effective crime reporting, tracking and prevention measures and strategies; and
  • networking opportunities that encourage neighbourhood solidarity and resource sharing.
  • Neighbourhood Watch

    Neighbours watching out for other neighbours and reporting suspicious things to the police.


    vertical neighbourhood Watch

    Neighbours in apartments and condos watching out for their neighbours and reporting suspicious things to the police.


    Contact us at Info@CrimePreventionTO.org